Luca Bellini

Luca Bellini

Game Designer & Educator

"When you create relationships the game of life is more fun"

Architect and Game Designer, husband and father of 3 children.

Lands in the world of gaming almost by accident, inventing a game to support the Association “Barabba’s Clowns” of which he is president, from that moment he does not abandon it more, making it an integral part of his every activity, his every day.

At the center of each project is the goal of providing an experience as immersive and original as possible, in mechanics and materials; he always tries to develop his playful ideas around 10 words that characterize his life: family, friends, color, fun, respect, curiosity, precision, smile, clown … play!

In the BLOB collective he brings a breath of fresh air and his unique point of view.